Maja Meeser

Game Designer & Pixel Artist

Hi! I'm a Canadian Game Designer and Pixel Artist.



As a former blacksmith turned Game Designer I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to parents from the Caribbean. While growing up my love for video games and art skyrocketed when I was watching my older brother play Final Fantasy VII on the PS1. Ever since then I have always been fascinated with RPG storylines and their concept art. It wasn't until high school that I made up my mind and wanted to be a Game Designer.I decided to get into Game Design and Game Artist specializing in Pixel Art and Low Poly Models. I became a designer because gaming was the one activity that brought my friends and family together, and I want to do that for other people.



Game Designer | 3D Modeler | SFX | Soundtrack | Writer

Team Project

A 2D top-down survival horror game in a 3D environment. You take control of Cecilia Akuji a Medical Officer trying to survive a ship of mutated crew members, locate any survivors, and escape the ship in one piece.Note: This game is still a work in progress.

Mouse Run

Game Designer | Artist | UI | SFX | Soundtrack | Programming

Solo Project

A 2D endless runner-style game where you play as a tiny mouse in his dreams dodging cat heads and trying to keep your precious cheese.

Galactic Vampire Annihilation

Game Designer | Character Artist | UI | Animator

Group Game Jam ~ Solo Artist

A 2D top-down stealth where you play as a vampire whose coffin has been found in space. Your goal is to turn the crew into thralls by draining them of blood so that your corrupted bloodline can take over the galaxy.

Metal Spider DX

Game Designer | Character Artist | UI | Animator

Group Game Jam

A 2D side-scroller where you get to play as the villain. Climb walls and jump from buildings to buildings. Take out different types of enemies and pick up weapons to change up to arsenal.


Game Designer | Artist | Writer

Solo Project

A 2D top-down JRPG. This was one of the first games I ever made. I made it for an art assignment that had the player exploring the various lands (parts) of my soul.


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